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June 26, 2019

We are collecting forms and payments for Eastern Camp! See the attached flyer.  

We've already received payments for ONLY 30 players!!! GET YOUR PLAYER THERE!

We need the Medical Release Form and copies of front and back of insurance cards mailed with payment to: 

Monroe Football Boosters
PO Box 1425
Monroe, WA 98272

Here is the link to the Med Release since I can't seem to upload it.


February 10, 2020

BEARCAT NATION!! We need YOUR help! We are looking for sponsors to help support the Bearcat Football Booster Program. Each year, local business owners donate to the non-profit, a charitable donation. In the past, items such as the 5-man sled, technology like the new head sets and coaches clinics are paid for with donations to Boosters. IN TURN, we advertise in the yearly program and on the Facebook Page.

If you, or if you know of a business, that would like to donate directly, PLEASE PLEASE let us know!


Donation suggestions are:

Full page ad: $1,000
1/2 page ad: $500
1/4 page ad: $250
Business Card size: $100


February 09, 2020

General Donations:


We are accepting donations for team dinners and other items! 

See attached form or link to square account.


August 01, 2019

You can:
-Pay for Eastern Camp ( a small fee is added for Square charges)
-Donate money to help pay for team meals 
-Make general donations
-Pay for a program sponsorship

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Eastern Camp Form 

Sponsorship Form 

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